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3 Pillars For Weight Loss Maintenance Group

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Prerequirement: completion of 3 Pillars for Weight Loss Program


You have completed 3 Pillars For Weight Loss Program. Now what?

Do you still have more weight to lose?

Are you worried that without accountability and support you might gain some weight back?

Not feeling motivated enough to continue on your own?

I hear you!

This maintenance program was created with you and your needs in mind! Now, when you know what to do to maintain healthy weight for life, you just need motivation, accountability and mentorship.

This program includes:

  • Food Journal review and feedback weekly

  • Scale data review weekly

  • One on one check in session via Zoom or phone at the day/time that works for your schedule, bi-weekly

  • Goals review and new goals setting as needed

  • Access to private Fitness&Nutrition Coaching Facebook group

  • Access to me by email anytime


Does not include Zoom live classes!

For Zoom classes please sign for Gold or Platinum membership, if you have not yet.

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