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  • Do you feel stiffer by the moment?

  • Gaining more weight every year, especially around the belly?

  • Losing bone density?

  • Have pains and aches and sleeping problems?

  • Have no energy? Done by 6pm?

  • Can't ditch sugary desserts?

  • Find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise?

  • Have busy schedule and don't like to go to the gym, but want to be healthy?

  • Tried to lose weight on your own many times and failed?

3 Pillars for Weight Loss Program


  • Lose 12-20 lbs in 12 weeks


  • No Diet Nutrition

  • Result-Producing Workouts

  • Master Your Mind

  • 100% online 

Avital has coached & mentored hundreds of clients who have lost between 10-30 lbs in 6-20 weeks & kept it off.


You will lose body fat, build lean muscle, improve energy, boost confidence and enjoy healthy, happy and fit life, no matter what age.


Clients Before & After Photos

"The 3 Pillars Program is amazing because Avital takes you by the hand and teaches you about nutrition, diet, exercise, and the thought process of losing weight. The program is designed to make you aware and understand food, and it's role on your body. As well as the exercise component.

I personally was gaining weight and having a hard time losing the weight. I would plateau and I knew this was unhealthy. I contacted Avital to discuss how her program could help me. I was convinced this was a great program. As it included exercise, diet, and the mental support.


The continual support and advice I got from Avital was unbiased, nurturing, kind, and educational. This program is a total wellness program. I've lost 17 pounds and still losing. I feel strong, flexible, healthy and confident now. I have made life changes for myself and my husband. Both of us are benefiting from the program.


If your looking for a program that walks you through the steps with brilliant education and support not just for weight loss but for complete wellness. I highly recommend this program. Avital has done a brilliant job creating a program that works."

Nonie Hodgson

"Avital is a talented and amazing Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach! She is knowledgable in all aspects of health and fitness. She is patient and dedicated to all her clients. Ever since I started working with her I lost 10lbs, gained muscle and strength. I feel younger, lighter, more energetic, and happy!

I would love to recommend Avital to anyone who is interested in improving their health!"

Rizida Baikova

"Avital is an amazing coach. Lernt a lot from her!

She has such a positive attitude which really motivates you and she made me feel proud for even the smallest changes or achievements i had. She motivated me and made me achieve my goals by working with me and creating an exercise plan and food plan for me."

Gowtami Raw

"The knowledge I've learned around the food choices and what is the best to include at different times of the day has made me make more conscious choices. I am also noticing the changes in how my teenagers are eating and incorporating movement more intentionally!


I would recommend the program to others because it is a well rounded approach to healthy living. Coming into it with an open mind and a willingness to try a new mindset, habit etc., has helped me to learn about myself in this journey and given me the choice to make changes."

Wendy Maclean

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