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Avital Belkin is competing in the 2023 WNBF Vancouver Bikini Bodybuilding Competition

Do You:

  • Feel increasingly stiffer, struggling with weight gain each year, especially around the belly?

  • Are you concerned about losing muscle and bone density, experiencing aches, pains, injuries and sleeping issues?

  • Finding yourself out of energy by 6 pm and unable to resist sugary desserts?

  • Is it challenging to motivate yourself for exercise, or does your busy schedule keep you from visiting the gym, yet you desire a healthy lifestyle?

  • Have you attempted weight loss on your own multiple times, only to face setbacks?


The 3 Pillars for Weight Loss Program


Embark on a journey to lose 12-20 lbs in just 12 weeks, without adhering to restrictive diets. Our program combines:

  • No Diet Individual Nutrition Coaching


  • Result-Producing Workout Plan

  • Strategies to Master Your Mind for sustained success

100% Online, you can enjoy the benefits of health and fitness coaching from the comfort of your home.

Avital, an experienced Nutrition Coach, Metabolic Health and Behavioural Change specialist and Personal Trainer, helping clients in Richmond BC and online since 2018, has guided hundreds of clients through their weight loss journeys, helping them shed 10-70 lbs in 6-50 weeks and maintain their new, healthy weight.

With our program, you will:

  • Lose body fat and build lean muscle


  • See improvements in your energy levels

  • Boost your confidence

  • Enjoy a healthy, happy, and fit life at any age

Clients Before & After Photos

"The program is very effective. Avital is supportive and encouraging with a wealth of knowledge and good advice that works!"

                                                                                 Sveta Jones

"The 3 Pillars Program is amazing because Avital takes you by the hand and teaches you about nutrition, diet, exercise, and the thought process of losing weight. The program is designed to make you aware and understand food, and it's role on your body. As well as the exercise component.

I personally was gaining weight and having a hard time losing the weight. I would plateau and I knew this was unhealthy. I contacted Avital to discuss how her program could help me. I was convinced this was a great program. As it included exercise, diet, and the mental support.


The continual support and advice I got from Avital was unbiased, nurturing, kind, and educational. This program is a total wellness program. I've lost 17 pounds and still losing. I feel strong, flexible, healthy and confident now. I have made life changes for myself and my husband. Both of us are benefiting from the program.


If your looking for a program that walks you through the steps with brilliant education and support not just for weight loss but for complete wellness. I highly recommend this program. Avital has done a brilliant job creating a program that works."

Nonie Hodgson

"The expertise and one to one guidance Avital provided me through the 3 Pillars for Weight Loss Program and the Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates sessions have been fantastic.


Avital is always positive, offers encouragement and support and keeps finding new ways to challenge me.  Her email updates, on-line resources and redesigning of my sessions keeps me engaged and progressing consistently. 


Under her guidance I have worked hard and was able to attain my weight loss goal as well as increase short- and long-term endurance, core strength and lose inches too!


The extra on-line sessions that she provides are an added bonus and allows me to either work out with the live Zoom sessions or work out at my own time and schedule - both in a safe and supportive way.


Avital helped me develop a new attitude towards food, diet and nutrition. I find it so much easier to make healthier diet choices that have supported my progress in the gym and weight loss."

Linda McPhail

"Avital is a talented and amazing Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach! She is knowledgable in all aspects of health and fitness. She is patient and dedicated to all her clients. Ever since I started working with her I lost 10lbs, gained muscle and strength. I feel younger, lighter, more energetic, and happy!

I would love to recommend Avital to anyone who is interested in improving their health!"

Rizida Baikova

"Avital is an amazing coach. Lernt a lot from her!

She has such a positive attitude which really motivates you and she made me feel proud for even the smallest changes or achievements i had. She motivated me and made me achieve my goals by working with me and creating an exercise plan and food plan for me."

Gowtami Raw

"The knowledge I've learned around the food choices and what is the best to include at different times of the day has made me make more conscious choices. I am also noticing the changes in how my teenagers are eating and incorporating movement more intentionally!


I would recommend the program to others because it is a well rounded approach to healthy living. Coming into it with an open mind and a willingness to try a new mindset, habit etc., has helped me to learn about myself in this journey and given me the choice to make changes."

Wendy Maclean

"Avital is amazing!! Her 3 pillars program is so well thought out, very in depth and her dedication to her work is extremely commendable.

I had difficulty getting back on track and required assistance to get in shape for my son’s wedding at the end of March.

I began working with Avital on January 1st and I have now lost 15lbs. 🤗 I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to make some lifestyle changes and get in shape for summer. Avital motivates encourages educates and supports you fully throughout the program. She is passionate about ensuring you reach your goals.

I am so incredibly grateful to Avital and could not have reached these results without her assistance. I highly recommend her programs."

Deirdre Enright

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