Women 40+

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  • Do you feel stiffer by the moment?

  • Gaining more weight every year, especially around the belly?

  • Losing bone density?

  • Have pains and aches and sleeping problems?

  • Have no energy? Done by 6pm?

  • Can't ditch sugary desserts?

  • Find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise?

  • Have busy schedule and don't like to go to the gym, but want to be healthy?

  • Tried to lose weight on your own many times and failed?

3 Pillars for Weight Loss Program


  • Lose 12-20 lbs in 12 weeks


  • No Diet Nutrition

  • Result-Producing Workouts

  • Master Your Mind

  • 100% online 

Avital has coached & mentored hundreds of clients who have lost between 10-30 lbs in 6-12 weeks & kept it off.


You will lose body fat, build lean muscle, improve energy, boost confidence and enjoy healthy, happy and fit life, no matter what age.


"Avital is a talented and amazing Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach! She is knowledgable in all aspects of health and fitness. She is patient and dedicated to all her clients. Ever since I started working with her I lost 10lbs, gained muscle and strength. I feel younger, lighter, more energetic, and happy!

I would love to recommend Avital to anyone who is interested in improving their health!"

Rizida B.

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