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Personal Training

Coach Avital Belkin with a client

Why To Hire a Personal Trainer?

  • ​To reach specific fitness goals

  • To learn safe weight lifting technics and prevent common injuries

  • To gain strength, stamina and agility

  • To lose weight

  • To change body composition/build physique of your dreams

  • To slow aging

  • To promote longevity and general health

  • To improve mood and relieve depression and anxiety

  • To build confidence and improve self-esteem

  • To prevent/improve osteoporosis 

  • To prevent cardiovascular disease 

  • To prevent/improve sarcopenia (muscle loss)

  • To prevent/reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol

  • To prevent/improve diabetes

  • To improve flexibility and range of motion 

  • To improve a sense of wellbeing

  • To increase energy and improve productivity

  • To reduce pains and aches

  • To reduce stress

  • As self-care


How Does This Go

First, send us a message and tell us about yourself and your goals. We'll consult by email to make sure we're the right fit.

Next, we will book your sessions. We'll assess your needs, fitness level and goals.

From there, we create a plan to work together once, twice, or three times per week, with a program that is perfectly tailored to your body and your life.

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