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Personal Training

Avital Belkin checks a client's form during personal training session

Why To Hire a Personal Trainer?

  • ​To reach specific fitness goals

  • To learn safe weight lifting technics and prevent common injuries

  • To gain strength, stamina and agility

  • To lose weight and change body composition/build the physique of your dreams

  • To slow aging and promote longevity and general health and wellness

  • To improve mood and relieve depression and anxiety

  • To build confidence and improve self-esteem

  • To prevent/improve osteoporosis 

  • To prevent cardiovascular disease 

  • To prevent/improve sarcopenia (muscle loss)

  • To prevent/reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol

  • To prevent/improve diabetes

  • To improve flexibility and range of motion 

  • To improve a sense of wellbeing

  • To increase energy and improve productivity

  • To reduce pains and aches

  • To reduce stress

  • As self-care


How Does This Go

1. Initiate Contact: Send us a message detailing your fitness journey, goals, and what you hope to achieve. Whether you’re interested in personal training in Richmond BC or online nutrition/weight loss/healthy lifestyle coaching, we start with a consultation via email to ensure a perfect fit.

2. Booking Your Sessions: Upon understanding your needs, fitness level, and aspirations, we schedule your sessions. This could include personal training at our Steveston studio or virtual coaching catering to your unique schedule and lifestyle.

3. Personalized Planning: Together, we craft a customized plan. Whether it's meeting once, twice, or three times a week, your program is meticulously designed for your body and life goals, integrating best practices in health and fitness, weight loss, mindset, longevity coaching, and more.

Avital Belkin strikes a side pose during the 2023 WNBF Vancouver Bikini Bodybuilding Competition
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