I cannot say enough good things about Avital. Her yoga classes CHANGED MY LIFE! I am the strongest I have ever been, in the best shape, have more muscle tone, more confidence, and am WAY less stressed. 

I live a very very packed and busy life. Avital is a great instructor teaching you how to breath properly, how to exercise with balance & to listen to your body. Strictly because of her classes I am able to self identify when parts of my body are sore (and how to stretch them out) and how to distribute pressure or effort across different muscles. I never leave her class feeling pain or like I have overworked myself, which is never something I experienced when I used to go to the gym. Even on the days, when I just want to be a ball on the couch, I make myself go and am so thankful for Avitals classes. You leave feeling like a new person.

She creates these perfect yoga classes, expertly balanced, and catered to the people in the class. She really cares about the every person. She is thoughtful, kind, a brilliant teacher that gives excellence instructions.

I cannot recommend her enough.



After three month training with Avital I feel stronger, much more energetic, I improved my balance and lost close to 8 pounds. I've been taking both personal and group training where Avital really catered to clients needs and levels of fitness, she has a great experience and a personal approach. Avital is a great consultant on healthy life style and a role model for those who decided to change their life to become fit. I'm planning on continuing my training with Avital in the new year.


I shall remember Avital as the woman who introduced me to yoga practice, it has changed my life immensely. It is all I want to do. Since my first class with Avital I have practiced steadily, I hate to miss a day. I am on the Carolina coast right now and I tell anyone who asks: “I was in Vancouver at a school for personal trainers, there was a room full of fitness professionals and we were doing SMR foam rolling...everyone was struggling except for this one woman named Avital...she moved effortlessly and gracefully, she emanated light, I went to her yoga class and haven’t turned back”. I am infinitely grateful to Avital.



Avital is a talented and amazing Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor! She is knowledgable in all aspects of health and fitness. She is patient and dedicated to all her clients. Ever since I started taking classes with her I lost nearly 10lbs, gained muscle and strength. I feel younger, lighter, more energetic, and happy!

I would love to recommend Avital to anyone who is interested in improving their health!



I have participated in athletic activities all of my life. In my early 50’s I was confronted with two fairly serious health issues that led me to readjust my athletic pursuits. I met Avital in 2014 when she was instructing a YOGA CORE class through one of the local community centres. I was impressed that Avital not only could perform all the intricate moves but that she could lead her class through a step-wise attempt at these difficult poses. Avital always provides options so that each student can reach their potential. I am also comforted by the fact that Avital has a background in the nursing profession. 

I have now taken several courses with Avital and not only have the courses been both fun and challenging but Avital’s direct feedback for improving my form has been invaluable. I highly recommend any fitness course led by Avital.



Avital's yoga is the best!!!...and I have taken many yoga classes from many teachers. Avital stretches you from the head to toe without pain; she helps you slow down your busy mind. Her sequence of asana flows easily and her holding time of each poses is just right for me. I also feel that she cares a lot for her students. Avital's yoga is truly a gem in our busy life.



Attending yoga classes was high on my list for returning to a fitness regime and fortunately for me, Avital was the Instructor. Her guidance, clear instruction and optional modifications for those of us who aren't quite so "bendy!" makes this class an absolute delight (although it may not show on my face)! Avital brings enthusiasm and encouragement to the class and is a great Instructor! 


Avital is a perfect Yoga Instructor!!

I practice Yoga with Avital for more than one year. She is a really kind & tolerant person, she always makes you feel welcome.
I love her teaching style. She always teaches us poses to help with injures we have. It's effective and fun. Her demonstration is professional and clear. She is very gentle and will ask  before correcting our poses. 

Avital's energy is very warm, grounded and down to earth.
Last but not least, thanks Avital for all your encouragement and inspiring me to practice Yoga!


Practicing yoga with Avital (I was taking private lessons) was eye-opening experience for me not only because of the intensity, but also because it made me to understand my own needs so much better! She was watching very closely my alignment, my form, making sure that I used all the right muscles. I wish I could continue practicing with Avital in person, but I live very far away. I participate in her online Zoom programs instead.



Working with Avital has far surpassed my expectations. She is a great teacher and trainer, supportive and encouraging. Her small classes are perfect for those wanting personal attention and a human connection. I actually enjoy working out now, something that I have never said before!



Love Avital’s Zoom classes during this time when we are all in isolation. They allow me to continue with my exercise routine which is so important to me!  (Avital has been my instructor for over 4 years!!!)  These classes are interactive and fun! I am all motivated to continue with my workouts and given there are many classes to choose from at different times.  It’s great I don’t need to leave home and yet be able to try out different classes! I love it!! Thanks Avital!


Avital is a great trainer. She knows how to challenge us all even though we are all at different levels of fitness! She has a keen eye and will correct and work with you until you feel comfortable! I am grateful to be down 10 lbs, 3 pant sizes and 4 inches all over working out with Avital 3 days a week, and though this virus has stopped all studio time Avital is offering her wonderful classes via Zoom! Thank you so much. Namaste 




Prenatal fitness classes were great with Avital! She was very creative in working around my physical restrictions, throughout my entire pregnancy. The space was excellent as there was adequate space for TRX, yoga and weights! She was great at checking in with me and pacing each session. My last class was done at 37 weeks and I left feeling great...and the baby was born that evening!


I have attended community classes with Avital for 4-5 years before participating in small group Personal Training in her home studio. In recent months I have been able to continue my fitness routines on ZOOM with both recorded and live sessions. The live ZOOM classes have been a great way to keep up my routine and receive personalized guidance. Avital’s monthly online challenges help keep me focussed, motivated, accountable and are a fun way to stay connected with the other group members. Not to mention working at things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise! I was fortunate to win an individual session which helped me to focus and push myself toward a specific personal fitness goal one on one. I really appreciate Avital’s teaching style. She encourages each participant from whatever level they are at and exudes a belief that “we can do it” one step at a time. Her passion and knowledge for fitness and wellness are a gift.



Avital is such an amazing trainer, learned a lot from her. She has such a positive attitude which really motivates you to workout and she made me feel proud for even the smallest changes or achievements i had. She motivated me and made me achieve my goals by working with me and creating an exercise plan and food plan for me.